Get Tickets : Carload Admission

  • This is a limited capacity event. Get your tickets early!
  • Admission is online, in advance, and by the carload only.
  • Due to the drive-in nature of this event, no individual tickets will be sold.
  • For safety, please ensure that all passengers have a seatbelt.
  • Sorry, no oversize vehicles, RVs or trailers.
  • Up to 3 motorcycles may share one admission if they arrive at the same time.

RED VIP Carload $120.00 (Carload of 4 works out to $30/person)
YELLOW Premium Carload $55.00 (Carload of 4 works out to $13.75/person – about the same as a movie)
GREEN General Carload $35.00 (Carload of 4 works out to $8.75/person)